Change the words. Change the world.

Welcome to the home page of the Leading Words Speakers’ Guild(LWSG), featuring keynotes and courses by Linda Ferguson, Ph.D.  Membership in the LWSG is open to practitioners and master practitioners certified by NLP Canada Training, and to professionals in related models who share our goal: to make the world better by grounding language in shared purpose and sensory awareness. 

We will:

  • provide individual and group coaching that does more than improve communication skills: it changes lives through satisfying communication
  • gather several times a year to listen and learn from one another at retreats and events
  • become a hub for resources about purpose, presence, and communication

Our next event is Let’s Play SuperBetter on December 3, 2016

This is a group of brave, kind, curious thinkers. We believe that life requires the full engagement of our best selves. That kind of engagement requires that we continually explore the edges between what we know, what we mean, and what changes when we connect better.

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